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Name Signs and Secret CodesSign your name using American Sign Language (ASL). Write your name using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)! And decode secret messages!Ages:Pre-K,Elementary,Middle School,High School +

Touch and TellCommunicate using a special device!Ages:Pre-K,Elementary,Middle School,High School +

Mix & Match: Say it in SpanishMatch the animal in English with its Spanish translation!Ages:Pre-K,Elementary,Middle School,High School +

Optical IllusionsLet your eyes trick your brain!Ages:Pre-K,Elementary,Middle School,High School +

Eyeball dissectionView dissected eyeballs from a cow, pig and mouse, and compare to a human model eyeAges:Pre-K,Elementary,Middle School,High School +

Googly-Eyed Gauntlet (Obstacle Course)Race your way through an obstacle course with restricted visual fieldAges:Pre-K,Elementary,Middle School,High School +

Can water make something disappear?Learn a magic trick to make an object disappear!Ages:Pre-K,Elementary,Middle School,High School +

Polarized SunglassesRegain your privacyAges:Pre-K,Elementary,Middle School,High School +

Which is better, 1 or 2?Take your turn as an eye doctor and check a glasses prescriptionAges:Pre-K,Elementary,Middle School,High School +

Eyeball TossCome play a fun game of ‘eyeball ball’ tossAges:Pre-K,Elementary,Middle School,High School +