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Anthropology ActivitiesWe are what we ate... or are we?9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Student Building

701 E Kirkwood Ave, Bloomington, IN 47405


Rooms: 050 & 060  (ground floor, northwest corner of building)

The fields of bioanthropology and archaeology examine the adaptations, variation and evolutionary history of humans and their close relatives, living and extinct.

Come join us to explore what we can learn about the ways of life of human ancestors

  • Interesting Activities for All Ages
  • Compare skulls and skeletons of modern humans, other primates and human ancestors
  • Learn about what ancient bones and tools tell us about the REAL “Paleo Diet”
  • Examine the tools of the Stone Age and see a demonstration of stone tool making
  • Learn to walk like a chimpanzee and then walk in the footprints of our ancestors
  • Go toe-to-toe with skeletons of pre-human ancestors and decide if they were bipeds, like us

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