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Enzyme Activityhosted by the Lewis Group9:00 am - 3:00 pm


The Chem Trail


Southwest sidewalk of Chem Building

Did you ever wonder how food gets digested so fast in our body like in a couple of hours? What if your one meal takes years to digest? Definitely, it’s not the magic that the food is digested so easily in a couple of hours. There are some species involved in making biochemical processes faster. These species are nothing but Enzymes. We have a lot of enzymes in our bodies that help in our metabolic processes. Enzymes are the biocatalyst that makes the biochemical processes faster. You can find enzymes almost everywhere. This demo will show how cool are enzymes by exploring the activity of enzymes present in natural sources like pineapple and baker yeast with some fun experiments like elephant toothpaste, and gelatine degradation. In these experiments, we will also show the comparison between the rate acceleration of pure enzymes available commercially and the enzymes present in natural resources.

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