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Science CafeBack by popular demand!  1:00 pm


Biology Building

1001 E 3rd St, Bloomington, IN 47405


Room 124

Science Cafe is a short-format presentation to inform and inspire the general community with interesting topics on science. Sit back, relax, learn and be amazed by science faculty, researchers, and students.

Artificial Molecular Machines

Amar Flood, Professor of Chemistry, will talk about the exciting new world of molecular machines, a topic that was the basis of the 2016 Nobel Prize in chemistry.

The ABCs of CBD

Heather Bradshaw, Associate Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences. Dr. Bradshaw will talk about cannabidiol, the drug that everyone’s talking about.

Why Fruit Flies Are Much More Than an Annoyance in Your Kitchen

Dan Tracey, Professor, Biology. Dr. Tracey will discuss how fruit flies can be a remarkable research model, since many of their genes are also found in humans, and talk about some of the more interesting things we’ve learned from the fly.

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