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Seeing Through ClothesHands-on experience with cotton, silk, and wool. 9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Kirkwood Hall

130 S. Woodlawn Ave. Bloomington, IN 47405



Room 002

Our clothes are constructed using fibers from plants, animals, and plastics. 
Use microscopes to view fibers at high magnification.

What does a cotton boll look like?
Soft protective case around the seeds

How do caterpillars make silk?
Fibers come from unwinding a cocoon

How do sheep give us their wool?
Sheep are sheared and their hair is cleaned, carded and processed to produce wool

Is it possible to make cloth from soybeans?
Soy can be used to make a synthetic fiber known as “soy silk” or “vegan cashmere”

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