Chemistry of Dyes and Fabrics

Chemistry of Dyes and Fabricshosted by Women in Organic ChemistryDepartmentChemistry9:00 am – 3:00 pm The Chem Trail


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Atrium sidewalk (southeast entrance of Chemistry)

This year’s national chemistry theme is Fabulous Fibers. We all use fabric in our daily lives, from the clothes that we wear to the seats of our cars. Have you ever wondered why some fabrics are soft while others are stiff? Why are some fabrics shiny while others are flat? Some of it has to do with the structure of the fibers that make up the fabric. Come to the Chemistry of Dyes and Fabrics table to explore the relationship between different fiber types, their fabric qualities, and how these fabrics interact with different dyes. You will also get a chance to dye your own piece of fabric!

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