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Exploring the Human Brain

Exploring the Human BrainDepartmentPsychological & Brain Sciences9:00 am - 3:00 pm AgesPre-K,Elementary,Middle School,High School +


The Circuit


Join Professor Karin James and her lab members for a variety of fun and interesting activities for children of all ages to learn about the human brain!

For pre-K and elementary students we will have craft tables set up. Draw and write letters and learn about brain areas involved in handwriting. Make an anatomically correct brain “hat”. Make your own neuron. Learn about the five senses by doing a “sensory face” craft.

For middle and high school students we will have a variety of posters displaying a wide array of psychological phenomena – learn about the Stroop effect, the McGurk effect, blind spots, and visual illusions.

Science Fest 2019

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