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Killer worms and germs

Killer worms and germsBe amazed by the cooperation and warfare that IU researchers have discovered in our local soils and the dangers that lurk within for insects.DepartmentBiology(All Day) AgesPre-K,Elementary,Middle School,High School +


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Meet Nema the nematode and her friends the bacteria

Did you know that all animals depend on bacteria to develop and thrive? Read and color in this short story to learn about the mutually beneficial relationship between small, soil-dwelling worms and their bacterial partners.

Download the flat print version to read the story on a computer or tablet. Print out either the “Flat Print” or the “Book Fold” versions of the story.

For the “Book Fold” version, print double-sided in landscape orientation, choose flip on short edge.  When all the pages have printed, just fold the packet in half, such that the title page is in the front.

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