Make a Brain Hat

Coloring and craft fun with your brain. When you are finished, you can wear a brain on the outside of your head!

Materials Checklist

• Hemisphere hat template printed on heavyweight paper

• Coloring materials such as crayons
• Scissors
• Clear tape or white glue*

*If you use glue, we recommend using clothespins or paper clips to hold the joints while they dry.

Download Hat Template

Make a Hemisphere Hat

We have provided both labeled and unlabeled patterns so that you can do your own labeling, if you wish. With the labeled patterns, you may still want to color code the lobes, or trace over the words with markers or crayons. Do any coloring before you assemble the hats.

Some Assembly Required

  1. First cut out both hemispheres, around the outside edge.
  2. Then snip in on the dashed lines. Don’t cut the triangle out, just snip the dashed lines.
  3. Pull each (now snipped) dashed line over until it touches the other line, and secure with tape or glue. It should then take on a half-round shape.
  4. To put these two halves together, simply choose one side to overlap just slightly onto the other (1/8” or less is enough, but use more if you are trying to shrink the size of the hat) and secure with tape.