Health Academy Part 1: Physical Activity and your Health

Join the IU School of Nursing and IU Health GOAL program as we discuss the importance of physical activity and your health. Counts toward Hot Shot badge.

Before you begin

While you watch our student nurses, make sure you also have your corresponding Spell Your Name worksheet ready for use during the video. Additional resources are available along with more activities to complete once you’ve finished!

Download the Worksheet

Why physical activity?

It is so important for your health to get enough physical activity. Learn more with this video.

Exercise on the High Seas

It’s time to get moving. Remember you should shoot for 60 min of physical activity every day!

Spell your Name with Exercise

Are you ready for a work out? Follow along as School of Nursing students lead an IU Health GOAL group exercise.

Extra Credit

• Physical Activity and Health Terms • How is physical activity categorized? • Identify the Type of Exercise