Migration Sensation

Enjoy the autumn bird migration with videos and activities from the Ketterson Lab!

Migration Sensation

Wonder why birds fly south for the winter and how you can help along the way? Never fear, Migration Sensation is here! Learn about migration, ways to help birds, and how to make a migration rest stop with the Ketterson Lab!

Meet Dr. Ketterson

Ellen Ketterson thinks a lot about change. As an ornithologist and biologist, she’s spent her career studying the evolution, ecology, and migratory habits of birds. She’s one of the most preeminent scholars in her field, and indeed one of the foremost experts in the entire world when it comes to certain birds in specific, most notably the dark-eyed junco.

Backyard Bingo

Backyard Bingo is an activity for younger scientists to practice using their eyes and ears to spot things in nature. No supplies are needed, just the assistance of an adult. ‘Autumn Birding Bingo’ is a challenging bingo card for birders with some birding experience. No special equipment is necessary for scoring bingo, but binoculars would be very helpful.

Basic Bingo

Download Bingo Card

Advanced Bingo

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Junco Coloring Page


Materials Checklist

  • Printed Coloring Page
  • Crayons or other coloring medium
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What birds have you seen migrating?